Fatwa Lab

The Fatwa Lab serves as a platform for aspiring scholars, experts and researchers to engage in in-depth discussions, analysis and collaborations on new and future socio-religious issues under the remit of fatwa work.

One of the key objectives of the Fatwa Lab is to foster intellectual growth, the spirit of solutioning, and knowledge sharing among the Muslim community. It provides a platform for researchers to exercise creative and critical thinking and solutioning, and collaborate with other experts, jurists, and mentors. It facilitates a comprehensive, informed, and holistic approach to address complex and multifaceted contemporary and future challenges within the framework of Islamic jurisprudence, using the tools of both Islamic sciences and the social sciences, to achieve balance in developing solutions that are robust, progressive, yet rooted to the fundamental principles and values of Islam.

The Fatwa Lab seeks to advance scholarly discourse, and nurture future leaders in the field of Islamic jurisprudence. It enables researchers to gain insights from experts and valuable experiences while developing religious leadership and talents. It also provides opportunities for young Asatizah to be involved early in Fatwa-related work and gain practical experience in applying Islamic jurisprudence to real-world issues.

The upcoming Fatwa in Contemporary Societies 2024 will feature several projects and findings by teams of researchers under The Fatwa Lab, centred around four domains of research:

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The Conference will also feature Fatwa Lab's industry partnerships within the above domains which have played a critical role in providing valuable expertise and a more comprehensive understanding of contemporary issues faced by the Muslim community.

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