Fatwa in Contemporary Societies 2024

Muslim communities around the world face a multitude of evolving contemporary challenges in the 21st century. These challenges are complex and multi-faceted, spanning a wide range of social, political, religious and cultural dimensions.

Religious scholars need to continuously assess and adapt their approaches to address these pressing issues effectively, and guide Muslims in striking a delicate balance between their faith and the multifaceted demands of contemporary life. In so doing, they continue to remain true to the spirit and principles of the Islamic tradition and heritage, as responsible stewards of their communities and societies.

In Singapore, the fatwa institution plays a pivotal role in shaping the socio-religious life of the Muslim community by offering solutions through religious guidance and Fatwas. Due to the intricate nature of the contemporary conditions and contexts of Muslim societies, religious scholars and experts from diverse backgrounds should engage in constructive and comprehensive dialogue and discussion to find effective solutions to complex issues and challenges.